Welcome to Beautiful Butterfly Luxurious Essentials & Handcrafted Gifts

We have several friends and family members with extra dry skin, extremely sensitive skin, combination skin and other hair and skin care needs as well as ourselves.

We understand that the largest living organ we have is Our Skin and it should be nourished as much as our insides.  

So, After searching and using products that did not work, spending a lot of money, reading tons of labels and seeing they did not have enough of the most important nutrients we need for healthy hair and skin.

We decided to use what we learned from The Old School to Handcraft products with INTEGRITY.

We make small batches of products using moisturizing and hydrating Natural ingredients to obtain High-Quality Handcrafted Products for Hair and Skin.

We take Great Pride in knowing Beautiful Butterfly Luxurious Essentials & Handcrafted Gifts create Products that are effective and affordable for everyone.

Our Goals are to bring you to a Cleaner Environment and a Healthier Lifestyle by providing you with Luxuriously High-Quality Handcrafted Daily Essentials for your Home and for you from the Crown of your Head to the Soles of your Feet.

Try our Products and You will Experience "The Butterfly Effect".

We are ready to help Transform you into a Beautiful Butterfly.



Founded 2015,  We are a Small Family Owned and Operated Business located in Baton Rouge, LA.